Biden positive for Covid : Paxlovid may be involved

Pfizer’s anti-Covid pill is suspected to be the cause of the American president’s “rebound” in positivity, a phenomenon explained by Jean-Marc Sabatier in a recent article.

The American president, Joe Biden, 79 years old, tested positive to Covid-19 on Saturday, July 30, 2022, while being treated with Paxlovid, the anti-Covid pill from Pfizer. Even if he does not show any symptoms, Joe Biden will have to stay in isolation for a few days “to protect his loved ones” says a White House statement. The president had already tested positive on July 21 and had to remain in isolation. Considering his age and his function, Joe Biden is quadruple vaccinated. According to his personal physician, Kevin O’Connor, “cases of rebound positivity can occur in people treated with Paxlovid.

“Vaccines facilitate infection”

This is very precisely what Jean-Marc Sabatier* stated in an article we published on July 20, 2022 under the title: “Vaccines: the third dose boosts Covid“. In that article, Jean-Marc Sabatier explained that “health/political authorities justify vaccine boosters by arguing that emerging variants or sub-variants of SARS-CoV-2 are more deleterious/virulent on our organisms. In fact, these new variants or sub-variants are becoming more deleterious on our organisms, mainly because of repeated vaccine injections and infection(s) that promote and amplify the phenomena of viral infection facilitation, called ADE/ERD. We are in a vicious circle.
Already a year ago, Jean-Marc Sabatier emphasized “the existence of three types of antibodies: neutralizers, neutrals and facilitators. Current vaccines, based on the SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein, produce all three types of antibodies. Hence the difficulties seen after vaccination of some patients. Hence also the worrisome 3ᵉ or 4ᵉ dose vaccination strategy advocated by health authorities.”
Joe Biden is undoubtedly a case in point.

*Jean-Marc Sabatier is Director of Research at the CNRS and holds a PhD in Cell Biology and Microbiology and an HDR in Biochemistry. Editor-in-Chief of the international scientific journals: “Coronaviruses” and “Infectious Disorders – Drug Targets”. He is speaking in his own name.

Vaccines : third dose boosts Covid

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