Zelensky : a hero or a bastard?

By falsely accusing Moscow of having fired a missile at Poland, the Ukrainian president has shot himself in the foot. He is trapped in an untenable position. His word is now discredited.

In a televised statement on Wednesday, November 16, 2022, Volodymyr Zelinsky strongly reaffirmed that the missile that killed two people in Poland the day before was fired by Russia.
This accusation against Moscow could have had serious consequences, since Poland is a member of NATO and Articles 4 and 5 of the Alliance stipulate that an armed attack against one or more member countries will be considered an attack against all NATO countries. Was it Zelensky’s intention to unleash such a cataclysm on European soil ?

A stinging disavowal

However, after having hesitated, the main leaders of NATO, Europe and the United States, meeting in Bali at the COP27 summit, took refuge in a very prudent attitude. They all pleaded for de-escalation, having nothing to gain from an open conflict with Russia. “We have no indication of a deliberate attack on Poland,” said NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg. Polish President Andrzej Duda also mentioned an accident from the Ukrainian anti-aircraft defense.
This disavowal by the Ukrainian president puts Kiev’s propaganda in difficulty and, by the same token, gives credit to Moscow’s. Has Zelensky done too much in the last nine months? In any case, his behavior is starting to seriously annoy the United States and Europe.

A comedian in camouflage

Completely unknown to the public before the Russian invasion, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has been at the forefront of the international scene since 24 February 2022. This former comedian in camouflage uniform receives presidents and heads of government in Kiev, gets a standing ovation in Parliament, gives good and bad points, criticizes this or that leader for his inappropriate attitude towards Moscow, orders the withdrawal of major companies from Russia, demands more and more weapons and dollars to wage war, denounces Putin’s war crimes… The West, i.e. the United States, NATO and Europe, are taking up the cause of this new David confronting Goliath, whom they have turned into a modern-day hero.

Who is Volodymyr Zelensky?

Born on January 25, 1978 in a family of Jewish origin, his mother tongue is not Ukrainian, but Russian. The young man wanted to become a diplomat. But he did not manage to enter the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. He then turned to a career as an actor. With a few others, he founded the studio Kvartal 95 and produced the Telenovela “Sluha Narodu” (servant of the people) in which Zelensky himself plays the role of a man tired of the political corruption that plagues Ukraine.

It seems that Igor Kolomoyskyi – a powerful businessman with triple Ukrainian, Cypriot and Israeli passport, American administrator and the leading Ukrainian oligarch watching the popular telenovela – had a wonderful idea to turn fiction into a king and make the actor Zelenzky play the role of the president, not only in video, but also in reality.

Immediately after Zelensky announced the foundation of a party with the same name as the popular telenovela: “Servant of the People” and, at the top of his popular television, announced his candidacy in the presidential elections of the year.

From then on, his company, Kvartal 95, will register an abnormal flow of financing, through offshore tax havens, for a sum of 40 million dollars.

The main subsidiary of Zelensky’s campaign is in fact the debate on the oligarchs Kolomoyskyi, owner of PrivatBank, the largest bank in Ukraine, involved in several cases of bank fraud and illegal investments.

Igor Kolomoysky was one of the main sponsors of some neo-Nazi and ultra-nationalist paramilitary groups that in 2014 produced the coup that overthrew the legitimate government of President Janukovic initiating 8 years of instability and civil war in the region.

The voice of Russia silenced

Benefiting from the unreserved support of the United States, but also of Europe since the Russian invasion on February 24, 2022, Volodymyr Zelinsky gives a unilateral vision of the war, helped in this by the major Western media. Any information coming from Russia is systematically censored, especially by the digital giants. So much so that the narrative of the war is written exclusively by Kiev. And its president, who is always asking for more weapons and more dollars.
But until when and to what extent?

A rain of dollars on Ukraine