Mandatory vaccination and health pass: the seeds of a civil war

By imposing compulsory vaccination (including for children aged 12) and the health pass, the President of the Republic is causing a deep rift in French society. Demonstrations are planned this Saturday, July 17.

By imposing compulsory vaccination in a brutal way and without any consultation with anyone, including children over 12 years old, and by imposing the health pass to simply go for a coffee or shopping, the President of the Republic has unnecessarily provoked an outburst of anger and even hatred between pro and anti-vaccine people.
The confrontation is manifested in the media, on TV and on social networks. Rarely has France had to experience such violent rifts among its people, except for the religious wars or the Dreyfus affair, which saw the French turn against each other.

“Vaccinated on one side, plague on the other”

Since the presidential speech of July 12, there have been clashes with more or less scientific arguments. Experts” are running around on television to tell us that vaccination protects against Covid-19 and all its variants, including the famous Delta variant. With figures that are difficult to verify. And when we can verify them, they turn out to be false. For example, the Pfizer vaccine protects 94% against the Delta variant. Yet, we wrote on July 11, 2021: “Feedback from the UK ahead of us for vaccination via data published on July 9, 2021 by Public Health England (PHE) on more than 300,000 infected people shows a lethality nearly 10 times lower than the virus strain (1.9% for the alpha variant versus 0.2% for the delta).”
Another example: “96% of French people infected last week were not vaccinated” (Olivier Véran). Where does this figure come from? A mystery.
Despite the vagueness of these statements, several million French people have stormed the vaccination centers to be able to “live normally”.

Uncontrolled side effects

But there are some refractory people. Opponents to vaccination. People who are outraged by this way of doing things. They are called conspiracy theorists. They would refuse the progress of science.
They argue that the four vaccines authorized in France were manufactured in a hurry, that they generate deleterious effects, sometimes fatal, that they do not protect effectively against Covid-19 and its variants.
They therefore refuse “the sanitary dictatorship” which aims at imposing on a whole people exceptional, liberticidal laws, on the grounds of wanting to protect the health of the French.

The seeds of a civil war

These people have decided to react, to demonstrate, to protest as loudly as possible, from this Saturday, July 17th, in Paris and in the big cities of France. They will go under the windows of the Council of State, place du Palais Royal, for “a historic march” they say, since the Council of State must validate the Macron measures.
After a year and a half of Covid-19, of confinement, of great difficulties for the French economy, was there really a need for these confrontations between French people, these rifts that contain all the ferments of a civil war?