500 days they have been suspended: how much longer?

Caregivers, administrative staff of health institutions, firefighters, liberal practitioners … 500 days today they are suspended, without pay, without unemployment benefits, without RSA, without anything. An unacceptable situation.

Between 15.000 and 130.000

While we know today for sure that vaccination does not prevent contamination, transmission or disease, caregivers and others are still suspended without pay for non-vaccination against Covid. France is the last country in the world not to have reinstated them and not to offer them any professional or financial alternative.

How many of them are there? We don’t know exactly. 15,000 according to the former Minister of Health, Olivier Véran. 130,000 according to the figures compiled by the European deputy Michèle Rivasi, who is undoubtedly closer to the truth.

An almost general silence

It doesn’t matter. The problem is that the situation drags on, in an almost general silence. It has been going on for 500 days.

Tragedies have already occurred: some, unable to pay their rent, have been evicted from their homes and are now homeless; others, in despair, have taken their own lives…

How much longer? How long will we put up with this voluntary mistreatment in France, a so-called civilized country with human rights? How long to accept the unacceptable?

Live all day long, a live on Twitter with many testimonies of suspended people, lawyers and collectives: