Murder of rugby player : the suspect wanted to fight in Ukraine

The neo-fascist Loïk Le Priol, suspected of the murder of Argentine rugby player Federico Martin Aramburu, was arrested in Hungary.

Retired rugby player Federico Martin Aramburu, an Argentinean who had a career in Biarritz, was shot and killed on Saturday 19 March as he left the bar Le Mabillon in Paris after an argument between customers.
Aramburu was followed to his hotel by a vehicle with several people in it. One of them got out and fired. The Argentine rugby player was fatally shot.

Priol arrested in Hungary

The police quickly arrested a young woman who was charged with complicity in the murder and placed in custody. The other two suspects, Loïk le Priol, 27, and Romain Bouvier, 31, fled. Both are known to be militants of a far-right gang used to handling weapons.
Loïk Le Priol was finally arrested on Wednesday in Hungary, at the Ukrainian border. According to the Hungarian police, he wanted to join the war on the side of the Ukrainians.
Here is what we can read on the Hungarian police website: “A 27-year-old French citizen arrived at the Záhony road border crossing point at 8:05 p.m. on March 22, 2022. The police officers in charge of the control found that the man was wanted and the French authorities issued a European arrest warrant for him for voluntary manslaughter. The Záhony police arrested the wanted man, brought him to the police station and detained him.

Weapons on him

“The foreign man told the police that he had a military background and that he was going to Ukraine to fight. The police seized three knives from his car and therefore initiated proceedings against him for the crime of misuse of an instrument particularly dangerous for public safety.
The police will contact the French authorities who issued the wanted notice.”
The second has not yet been arrested.