Ukraine : Russia tests a new missile

The RS-28 Sarmat, an intercontinental ballistic missile, was successfully tested by Moscow at the Plessetsk cosmodrome. “It will make those who threaten Russia think,” said Vladimir Putin.

While the Russian offensive on Ukraine is intensifying and the West is strengthening its military aid to Kiev, the Kremlin has announced that it has successfully tested a new ballistic missile with a range of 18,000 km, named Satan II by NATO.
It is “a unique weapon” according to Moscow, fired from the Plessetsk cosmodrome, 800 km from Moscow. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the warheads hit their target more than 6,000 km from the launch pad. In other words, it can hit any country on the planet, if we believe the Kremlin.
This RS-28 Sarmat missile is named after the ancient Sarmatian people. It is also nicknamed Satan II since it succeeds the R-36 (SS-18 Satan). It can carry a dozen nuclear warheads independent of each other.
This weapon complements the missiles presented in 2018 by Vladimir Putin: the hypersonic missiles Kinjal and Avangard (see our article below).

Ukraine : Russia’s formidable weapons

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