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Nancy: New demonstration in solidarity with Gaza

Under the aegis of France Palestine Solidarité de Lorraine Sud (AFPS), a number of associations are calling for a rally on Saturday January 13, 2024 at 2:30 pm, Place Charles III.

For the past three months, the Israeli army has been subjecting the Gaza Strip to a genocide that has deprived its population of the necessities for survival,” write the associations signing the call for a rally in a press release. The human toll is heavy, with over 22,000 dead and 57,000 wounded.
Gaza has been reduced to the Stone Age, as promised by Israel’s far-right government.

“Ethnic cleansing”

In the occupied West Bank, the Palestinian population is subjected to the redoubled violence of the occupying army.
Israel pursues its ethnic cleansing and colonization policy by eliminating all resistance: community leaders, political activists, cultural and civil society figures.
When Israel isn’t killing them, it’s locking them up in its prisons.
Faced with this terrible reality, the organizations below* have decided to continue and even step up their mobilization in Nancy, as elsewhere in France, in order to force the French government to take sanctions against Israel for its multiple human rights violations.

It has been decided to call for a demonstration in the town center
on Saturday January 13, starting at 2:30 pm.

The starting rally will take place in Place Charles III.
The demonstration will join Place Stanislas via Rue St-Dizier and Rue Stanislas.
After short speeches by organizations, demonstrators will observe a minute’s silence and lie down on the ground to symbolize the human massacre perpetrated in Gaza.

Contact Alain Desmarest, president of the Association France Palestine Solidarité de Lorraine-sud
Tel 0607160510

*Association France Palestine Solidarité de Lorraine Sud (AFPS), Union Juive Française pour la Paix (UJFP), Mouvement pour une Alternative Non-Violente (MAN), La France Insoumise 54 (LFI), Europe Écologie les Verts 54 (EELV), Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste 54 (NPA 54), la Confédération Gnérale du Travail (CGT 54), Fédération Syndicale Unitaire (FSU), Fédération Syndicale Sud Solidaires (SUD), Fédération Syndicale Étudiante (FSE), Association des Travailleurs Magrébins de France (ATMF), Association de Solidarité avec le Peuple Sahraoui (ASPS), Mouvement pour l’Objection de Conscience (MOC), Parti des Travailleurs (PT), Parti Communiste Révolutionnaire de France (PCMLRF), Union des Jeunes Communistes (UJC), Centre Lorrain d’Information pour le Développement (CLID) et la Libre Pensée de Meurthe et Moselle.

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