The ITER experiment is under construction at a site in southern France, with first plasma operations scheduled for 2025. The tokamak building is the mirrored structure at center. Photo credit Courtesy ITER Organization/EJF Riche.

The biggest magnet in the world comes to France

ITER or the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, currently under construction at Cadarache in the South of France, is getting ready to receive the biggest magnet in the world.

Fillon meets Putin at the 19th St Petersburg International (Photo credit The Kremlin Economic Forum in 2015)

Ex-Prime Minister Fillon to join Russian hydrocarbon company

Former french Prime Minister François Fillon is to join the board of directors of the Russian oil company Zaroubejneft, according to a Russian government decree. He is the nominee of the Russian government. Zaroubejneft specializes in the development and exploitation of oil and gas fields particularly overseas.

Harvesting of the wall aliyssum in June, in Albania in Pojska (Photo taken from the Life Agromine site)

Agromine : the backstage of an innovative, ecological and Lorraine metallurgical sector!

On Monday, December 9 at 2pm, at the premises of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Industries Chimiques – Ensic (Amphi A), the University of Lorraine and the company Econick invited the elected representatives to present their innovative and ecological metallurgical sector that has emerged in Lorraine.