Rebellion against the Health Pass in the European Parliament

The staff of the Parliament and the European Elected Officials, also forced by the health pass, are aware of the serious drift. “The rights of European citizens are threatened. The health pass is unscientific and must be abandoned: it creates a false sense of security,” said elected officials during a press conference.

Cristian Terhes, Member of the European Parliament representing Romania and Ivan Vilibor Sinčić Member of the European Parliament representing Croatia alerted at a press conference about “the false sense of security” of the health pass. “There is nothing scientific about it and it must be abandoned”.

  • “The message is simple: you are not alone: we are with you to defend non-discrimination, non-segregation, the freedom to come to your workplace and say yes or no to a medical act that must be consented.
  • “This pass is absurd and completely unfair: some of our staff live with the stress of losing their jobs.
  • Some have been working here for decades, have borrowed and gone into debt, are naturally immune and their status is not taken into account: they risk losing their jobs… it’s deeply unfair!
  • The vaccine does not prevent you from being contaminated, from contaminating others. This pass is absurd!”
  • “There is nothing sanitary or scientific about the pass”
  • “Hundreds of petitions are pouring in from France, Italy and Spain to the European Parliament.