Meurthe et Moselle

Pacte du Pouvoir de Vivre: December 3 in Nancy

The Tour de France du Pacte du pouvoir de vivre will stop over in Nancy, with the participation of Laurent Berger (CFDT), Isabelle BOUYER (ATD Fourth World), Cyril CHABANNIER (CFTC) and Orlane François (FAGE).

The Tour de France of the Pacte du Pouvoir de Vivre stops in Nancy
Salle des délibérations du Conseil départemental de Meurthe-et-Moselle, 48 Esplanade Jacques Baudot, 54000 Nancy

Why a Power of Living Pact?
The alarms sound. Whether they come from trade union organisations for years or more recently from citizens far from public life, these alarms say the same thing. A model of society that generates so much inequality and injustice and endangers the lives on Earth of our children and grandchildren and millions of human beings around the world is no longer a model. It is nonsense. The time has come to build a new political, social and ecological pact. A pact for the short, medium and long term. A pact of benevolence and the common: a pact for humanity and for humanity. A pact for all and for the planet. A pact of the power to live, today and tomorrow, in dignity and respect, a pact that commits us all. This is the conviction of the signatories of the Pact and the organizations, composed of citizens from all walks of life involved in all areas.
Because we want to pave the way for profound change, we have taken the time to listen, to be pushed, to confirm or rethink our demands. Because we want these alarms, these social and environmental movements to find a way out, we wanted to get together and start from the requirements formulated everywhere in France to pay

Program of the day

09:30 Welcome to the public and speakers welcome speech
10:00 am Why this day “the Tour de France of the power to live? »
10:10 Dynamic video
“Presentation of the Power to Live Pact”
10:15 Plenary session
“the Power to Live Pact at the national level”
Round table with Laurent Berger (CFDT), Cyril Chabanier (CFTC), Isabelle Bouyer (ATD Fourth World) and Orlane François (FAGE).
Exchanges with the room
12:15 Interactive animation
which thematic priorities for the territories of the Far East?
12: 30 Lunch
13: 30 progress report on the territorial anchoring of the PPV participatory workshops
How does the PPV already live on the territory? What initiatives/projects have already been launched?
Forums with different territorial initiatives
15: 00 Round table discussion
Feedback of initiatives and discussion with local decision-makers
16:00 Conclusion
Presentation of the acts decided for a Territorial Power of Living Pact

The urgency of a social and ecological pact

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