Vaccines : the third dose before the overdose?

Should we change our vaccination strategy since mass vaccination with two, three and soon four doses fails to eradicate the Covid-19 epidemic? The scientific controversy is growing.

Since the December 8 speech by Prof. Jean-François Delfraissy, president of the Scientific Council, to the Senate Social Affairs Committee, more and more scientists have been questioning this relentless campaign for vaccination. Prof. Delfraissy mentions a possible 4ᵉ dose of vaccination to curb the epidemic. Before a fifth, a sixth ?

Beware of side effects

Jean-Marc Sabatier (DR)
Jean-Marc Sabatier (DR)

Dr. Jean-Marc Sabatier, Director of Research at the CNRS and Doctor of Cell Biology and Microbiology, expresses doubts about mandatory vaccination.
He states that “the side effects of the third dose (or even the probably scheduled 4ᵉ dose) do not stop at the immediate adverse effects. There is a strong concern that the side effects reported to date represent only the tip of the iceberg,” he says.
Jean-Marc Sabatier continues: “Indeed, the real impact of multiple recalls (in addition to the ADE/ERD phenomena of facilitating infection) could take months or years to appear (including autoimmune diseases or cancers)…
The authorities must take these dangers into account in the decisions they make.
As a reminder, scientific works describe an alteration of the innate immunity induced by the spike protein…

The vaccine spike protein circulates freely in the blood.

There are several studies that show an alteration of innate immunity induced by SARS-CoV-2 via its Spike protein, including these last two studies in pre-print.

Finally, systemic autoimmunity appears to be the inevitable consequence of over-stimulation of the host immune “system” by repeated immunization with antigen, at levels that exceed the self-organized criticality of the system.
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